Our Pricing

Structured to help you make money, not cost you more.

How it Works

We genuinely believe that having a website and strong branding for your business is a crucial part of its success in a digitally-driven world. With that said, we know how important it is that the cost does not outweigh the benefits of having a website. That's why we focus on affordability and are built on a pricing structure that will keep your digital content up-and-running successfully for years.

What You Pay: The Pricing Structure

We know that our clients have a wide variety of needs for their businesses, however, we keep our pricing structure simple. Just add up the different components that you think you are looking for to find an accurate estimate of the cost of your project!


Website: A one-time charge of $249 + $49 for each additional page over 4 (for example: 5 pages = $298). This can vary depending on the complexity of the project, but this is generally a pretty accurate estimate.

Monthly Website Hosting and Maintenance: $24.99 per month

Website Data and Analytics: $4.99 per month

Online Store Capabilities: $14.99 per month. This can vary depending on the store complexity.

Business Cards

Business Cards: Starting at $149


Brochures: Starting at $199

If you are looking to work with us for more than one of the services listed above, we provide bundle discounts! Also, if you are interested in having us perform any branding, web, or graphic design service not listed above, just ask and we will happily provide either an estimate to complete the job or the contact information of another business who can help you out better than we can if it's not one of our areas of expertise!

The majority of our websites here at Bullseye are fully customized templates for your business from HTML5 UP and Start Bootstrap.